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In the past few years, the safety of women in India has been down because of some continuous and terrible crimes against women. It is true that women in modern India are joining high offices, however on the back of the curtain they are being exploited too. Indian women are continuously facing numerous problems such as harassment, violent victimization through acid attack, dowry deaths and many more.

In the wake of such heinous crimes being committed, Arushi Mittal and Aditya Gupta came up with the idea of the Pukaar App. This app has an emergency SOS button which when pressed sends a message to one’s emergency contacts as well as the local police!

Through the app, the Police Control Room will receive the name and contact number of the user. It will also send the location of the user so that the police can conduct a proper investigation if need be.  

Pukar has been developed by People for Parity, a non-profit working to curb violence against women.

Pukar App

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